September 18, 2018

Top 7 Home Repair Tools

Whether you live in a buzzing metropolis or on the outskirts of town, one thing immediately becomes evident, home repairs are inevitable. Although their degrees might vary greatly, they still cause us some concern.

If the damaged item is very minor, you might choose to DIY it, however for more serious incidences, you can call the professional handymen to resolve it. In any case, home repairs cannot be executed without the right materials and tools. Therefore, we have highlighted below our top pick of top 7 home repair tools.

A 16-ounce claw hammer

This is a must-have home repair tool that can be used to resolve multiple issues in every home. Its primary purpose is to help you drive in or pull out thin objects such as nails or pins. Should you be a more tech handy person, you can opt for an electric nail gun for easier and faster nail punches.

A set of screwdrivers

This is the second most common home repair tool as it offers immense flexibility to users who desire the ability to unscrew and screw things in their home. Although it might seem unnecessary at first, when you take a step back, you would notice that screw make up almost 70% of all fasteners in every single room. For faster operations, you can opt for an electric or power screwdriver.

Combination Pliers

These are the kings of gripping tools, pliers are in their own rights the most versatile of all the home repair tools as they can be used in diverse settings, from tightening and cutting wires to removing screws from surfaces and even assisting in bolt removals. At the moment, there are no effective electric options for these darlings.

A 25-ft tape measure

This is one piece of home repair tool that you never know its worth until you desperately need it or you make an expensive mistake without it. Mistakes such as buying a wider furniture because you chose to measure with your arms or feet have been known to occur. So, save yourself hundreds of dollars in mistakes and have a pocket-friendly tape measure in your home.

Needle-nose plier

This awkward looking plier is particularly useful when executing electrical repairs in the home as it helps users reach into tiny crevices to select a wire or a cord that other tools would fail to pick.

Wire cutter

Not all home damages have to be humongous, so for instances where you need to reconnect a particular electric appliance in the house, cutting and stripping the cord becomes important. Instead of going the traditional but unhealthy way of using your mouth to cut and strip the wire, go for a dedicated wire cutter.


Some home damages are so little yet so annoying that we often get worked up just by their sheer existence, for example, a squeaky door or two. Who said you have to put up with the annoyance. A single spray of this Water Displacement degreaser can leave your hinges squeak-proof.


These are our top pick of home repair tools. However, it should be noted that these are less than 10% of the total number of home repair tools that dedicated home repair services use for speedy repairs.

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